Commercial Window Cleaning Equipment

commercial window cleaning equipment

Commercial window cleaning equipment can be a great tool to have on hand. Whether you need to clean windows and skylights or have to be more confined in a small space, the right tools can make all the difference. Having the proper supplies will keep you from having to worry about not having enough water or cleaning solution on-hand, and they can help you get the job done more efficiently.


Squeegees for commercial window cleaning are designed to remove water quickly and effectively. They also make it easier to clean windows. Using squeegees is a common practice among professional window cleaners. These tools are used to remove streaks and water that build up during the window washing process.

Professional squeegees are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Some squeegees are made of plastic, while others are made of brass and aluminum. Brass squeegees are ideal for larger windows. Their durability means that they won’t wear out quickly. A brass squeegee will also resist rust.

Unger makes a line of squeegees for commercial window cleaning. Each one has a soft, replaceable rubber blade. It’s also available in a telescopic pole that allows you to clean glass surfaces up to 30 feet high.

Microfiber sleeve

Microfiber sleeves for commercial window cleaning equipment are great for cleaning windows. They can help you remove streaks and gunk quickly and easily. This type of sleeve comes in different sizes and levels of abrasiveness. You can also choose a microfiber sleeve that’s easy to wash and reuse.

When you’re looking for the right sleeve, keep in mind that it should have reinforced ends and a durable material. In addition, the sleeve should have a high water capacity so you can clean longer.

The Ettore Advanced Pro+ Microfiber Sleeve is a premium microfiber construction that features a convenient scrubber on one end. It’s available in 10, 14, 18, and 22 inch lengths.

The Ettore Golden Glove is made of yellow and white microfiber, which allows it to easily remove dirt and grime from windows. It’s also ideal for inside work. And, it won’t drip or scratch glass.

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Poles

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Poles are the best and most robust poles in the market. They have a strong clamping system and flip locks for quick extension. There are several carbon fiber poles in the market that come in different sizes. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can select one of these.

If you are looking for a commercial window cleaning equipment, you may consider getting a Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole. These poles are mainly used with Ultra Pure System and they also have an internal solution hose. Besides, they are ideal for mounting tools.

A Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole is one of the strongest and lightest poles in the market. This makes it easy for you to handle. Its handle is soft and it does not pinch your fingers. Another benefit is that they have a flattened cylinder structure that increases stability.

Nipper Reachers

Nipper reachers are designed to make it easier for you to reach into hard to get at places. They are part of IPC Eagle’s Pulex commercial cleaning supplies line. These nippers can be purchased in several sizes to ensure you have the right one for your needs. You can also find T-Bars to use with them. The IPC Eagle’s Pulex line of commercial window cleaning tools are ideal for professional use.

Aside from nippers, telescopic poles are another great option. They can extend to reach high windows and are among the lightest poles available. There are also stainless steel drain sieves to help with cleaning. If you prefer to carry the tools with you, the Tubex Holster will keep everything in place. This accessory also comes in a belt or hip strap style, so you can stay mobile as you work.

Tubex Holster

A Tubex Holster is a bucket-on-a-belt system. It is a handy tool that keeps your tools close at hand and easy to access. This type of holster holds your squeegee, strip washer and scrubber. The holster is made of durable plastic that allows it to be worn on either hip. Moreover, it has a fixed loop and string that attaches to your leg.

There are different models of the Tubex Holster available. These include lefties and righties. In addition to that, there are also a fixed and a detachable loop. You can wear the holster as a belt or as a strap.

Another great feature of the Pulex Tubex is its durability. It is made of super-resistant plastic and able to keep you from slipping.

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