Dobbins Park in Lakeland FL

Located in Lakeland, Florida, Dobbins Park is a beautiful place to visit. It is home to many amenities that make the park a great place to spend the day. Whether you want to spend your day playing, picnicking, or hiking, you’ll find everything you need at this park. The 10 acre park features a playground, bike repair station, picnic tables, and benches. Continue reading about Florida!


Located in Polk County, Dobbins Park is a recreational facility. There are two playgrounds, two basketball courts, volleyball courts, a paved walking path, and covered picnic areas.

Dobbins Park is located near Fountain Heights and Goat Corners. It is also within walking distance of Dixieland Elementary School. The park has a basketball court, volleyball court, and a half-mile paved walking path.

The park is also within walking distance of Dixieland’s local eateries. If you’re in the mood for a burger or a steak, try Meat Market. This modern American steakhouse has a posh raw bar that serves fresh oysters, native seafood, and beef. It’s also a great place to see live music.

Other local eateries include Subs ‘n Such, which has been serving submarine sandwiches for 35 years. Also, Nineteen61 is a quaint restaurant that specializes in latin-american food. Its outdoor dining area has charming lighting and lush landscaping.


Located in Lakeland, FL, Dobbins Park offers a variety of recreational opportunities for people of all ages. There is a zip line, climbing structures, and several habitats. Also, there are two playgrounds, a multipurpose field, and plenty of room for recreation. The city also offers an activity pass to encourage residents to make the most of the park.

The park also boasts a bike repair station and picnic tables. It is also home to the county’s first inclusive play experience.

It is a good idea to explore the park’s 8.5-mile-long Great Florida Birding Trail. The trail boasts walking, running, and biking trails and features wildlife, unusual flora, and a fun playground area.

The park is also home to two soccer fields and a baseball complex. Additionally, there are a couple of restrooms, a picnic area, and a boardwalk. Check it out here!


During your visit to Lakeland, you’ll find a wide variety of activities and attractions. From the beach to museums and the arts, you’ll find something for every age and interest.

Dobbins Park is one of the oldest parks in Lakeland. It opened in 1954 and has two playgrounds, a multipurpose field, a half-mile paved walking path and tons of space for recreation. There is even a zip line and a climbing structure. It also has plenty of green space, and seating for picnics.

Another one of Lakeland’s most interesting attractions is the Great Florida Birding Trail. It features 8.5 miles of scenic trails and a fun playground area. You’ll also find public basketball courts and unique fauna.

If you’re into the arts, you’ll enjoy the Polk Museum of Art. The museum has a gift shop and hosts self-guided tours. They also feature ancient art, contemporary art and a variety of exhibitions.

Recreational activities

Whether you want to play sports or relax on the grass, Dobbins Park in Lakeland has plenty of options. You’ll find volleyball and basketball courts, a multipurpose field, a playground, and even a zip line.

The park also has a covered picnic area. A bicycle repair station is located next to the playground. You can also enjoy a self-guided biking tour.

There are also many cultural attractions in the area. The Polk Museum of Art features local artists and world-renowned artists. The museum offers self-guided tours and a gift shop. The gift shop is stocked with ancient art and contemporary art.

You can also visit the neo-gothic wonders of Bok Tower Gardens. The 200-foot-tall tower is a renowned neo-gothic legend. It was constructed in the late 17th century. Browse around this site!

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