easy window washing

If you are looking for a way to wash your windows without spending a lot of time and effort, then you are in luck. There are a number of easy window washing tips you can follow to keep your windows sparkling clean.

Place a bath or beach towel underneath the window

A bath towel is a great way to protect your windows from dust, debris and cleaning product drips. But not all towels are created equal. If you want to achieve streak-free windows, you will need a quality microfiber cloth.

Using a squeegee is a good way to get the water off your windows. Alternatively, you can try a chamois. However, if you are going to be using a squeegee on your windows, you will need to choose one with a new blade. This will prevent the blade from scratching the glass.

While a microfiber towel is an excellent option, you might consider a washcloth. These can be purchased in bulk and come in handy sizes. They also make a great option for car camping. Unlike bath towels, hand towels will not leave a lint film on your windows.

Place a rubber squeegee on the glass

If you are wondering how to place a rubber squeegee on the glass for easy window washing, there are many steps you can take. Using a squeegee is the best method for cleaning windows. Squeegees allow for a clean, streak free shine.

The first step is to make sure your squeegee is the correct size for the size of the window you are working on. It should be about 7 centimeters long. Once you are ready to clean, position your squeegee on the glass with the rubber edge facing up.

Next, hold your squeegee handle with your thumb positioned halfway between the top and side of the blade. Apply enough pressure to keep your squeegee blade in contact with the glass. Don’t apply too much pressure to the squeegee as this can cause your squeegee to stick.

Clean the tracks and frame of the window

There are several ways to clean the tracks and frame of your windows. Keeping the track clean can ensure your sunny view doesn’t get spoiled by grime.

One method to clean the window track is to use a sponge. Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off excess water. You can also scrub with an old toothbrush.

However, you might be better off using a chamois leather piece. Chamois leather is a very expensive material and you cannot reuse it. Another inexpensive option is crumpled newspaper.

A microfiber cloth and a chamois are other excellent options. The best part about using a microfiber cloth is that you can wipe off the glass without soaking the window.

You can also use a vacuum to clean the window track. However, this may require you to go down the ladder. Also, avoid power washing the window. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution.

Avoid streaking

If you want to clean your windows without streaks, you’ll need to get the proper equipment and make sure to use the right cleaning solution. Unfortunately, streaks can be caused by sloppy techniques or by using the wrong cleaning product. Fortunately, you can avoid them.

First, you’ll need to prepare the glass for cleaning. This can involve wiping down any dirt or debris from the edges. Also, you’ll need a soft cloth to catch drips. A lint-free microfiber towel is ideal. You can also use newspaper.

Next, you’ll need a squeegee. Squeegees are a great tool for removing lint from shiny surfaces. Make sure to wipe off the blade after each stroke.

Finally, you’ll need a window cleaner. These are typically made of vinegar and are nontoxic. The solution should be applied in small, vertical swipes to prevent streaks. Afterward, you’ll need to rinse the window thoroughly with clear water.

Dry windows with microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are great for drying windows because they can remove dirt and leave your glass sparkling clean. They are also very absorbent, meaning that you can wipe down the windows without leaving streaks.

For the best results, choose a microfiber cloth that is both lint free and washable. This makes the process much easier. You can also use a squeegee for speeding up the drying process. But it is important that you are careful with your squeegee to ensure that you do not get any drips.

If you want to remove stubborn stains from your glass, you can make a solution with white distilled vinegar. This is a cheap and easy remedy to use at home. It will disinfect and dissolve fats. You can mix this with water to remove stains.

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