High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

Whether you are a landlord or an apartment dweller, you need to be able to choose a window cleaning specialist that can provide a safe, high-quality service. There are a few things that you should look for in a window cleaning service, including Insurance and liability policy, safety tools, and training. Check this out!

Safety tools

Having the right safety tools is essential for high rise window cleaning specialists. Safety tools can range from protective gloves and safety belts, to rope access and climbing tools. Whether your business is in high rises or the smallest of buildings, the right safety equipment can make the difference between a job that goes smoothly and one that leaves you in an emergency room.

When a window needs to be cleaned from the ground, rope access and abseil teams are required. The right equipment can help window cleaning specialists climb hundreds of feet up a facade without getting injured. Some of the safety tools that high rise window cleaning specialists use are scaffolding and cherry pickers. These mobile devices can reach up to 200 feet.

Cherry pickers are useful when water-fed poles are not accessible. Cherry pickers can be fixed or adjustable, so they can reach all necessary heights. They are also useful in situations when the water-fed poles are not in use. They can be used for residential window cleaning, storefront window cleaning and route window cleaning.

Window cleaners use special blades and brushes to clean windows. They can be straight or angled. Some have built-in brushes, but they can also attach to a garden hose to clean windows. Read Much More!