High Window Cleaning Tools

high window cleaning tools

If you are a window cleaner, you know that you need to have a wide range of cleaning tools in your arsenal. This includes brushes, extension poles, squeegees, and more. These tools will help you clean your windows with ease.


Squeegees are high window cleaning tools, used by professional cleaners. They have a swivel handle that can be attached to a rod. In addition, they can be pulled vertically or horizontally across the top of the pane.

Most of the squeegees on the market today feature blades made of rubber or silicone. These types of blades are ideal for most climates, but can be less effective in hot temperatures.

For a more durable blade, consider a stainless steel squeegee. It is rust resistant and can withstand wear and tear. Alternatively, consider a plastic or aluminum model.

The Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee is a heavy duty squeegee, with an 18-inch stainless steel blade. The squeegee also attaches to an Unger telescopic pole, making it suitable for tall windows. This squeegee comes with a lifetime warranty.

Extension poles

Extension poles are a great way to reach higher heights without having to use a ladder. They also provide safety features that make them a wise investment for anyone who has to clean windows. However, not all extension poles are created equal. You must make sure that you get a quality product before making a purchase.

The Maykker Products Mini is a simple yet effective extension pole. It comes standard with an Acme tip, but you can upgrade it with adapters for your favorite tool brand. It is also capable of using water-fed equipment. This enables you to clean a variety of surfaces.

A high-quality extension pole can be a life saver. For example, the DocaPole GoSaw is a great tool for filtering air through your yard. It is also excellent at clearing dead branches.

Microfiber scrubbers

Microfiber scrubbers are a great way to clean windows. They help to remove dirt and debris, as well as leave a shine. This makes them a great window cleaning tool for people who want to maintain their windows and mirrors.

The best microfiber scrubbers are made from high-quality materials. This will eliminate the risk of scratching the glass. These cloths are also highly absorbent. They’re not only able to remove dirt, but they can be reused. And they’re easy to clean.

Some of the top microfiber scrubbers are the E-Cloth, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and Fuller Brush Big E-Z Scrubber. Each of these cleaners are a convenient way to get your windows clean.

The E-Cloth is a microfiber cloth that helps you to remove grime and dirt from your windows without the need for elbow grease. It can be washed and reused, making it a cost effective option.

Glass cleaner

Window cleaning can be a difficult task. It’s not easy to get the job done right, especially when it comes to large glass doors and shower doors. However, using the right window cleaning tools can make your job easier.

A glass cleaner is a special chemical solution that dissolves tough grime. The ammonia-free formula also leaves your windows streak-free.

If you want to use a squeegee to clean your windows, choose a squeegee that is adjustable. An adjustable squeegee makes it easier to control the length of the handle. Also, a long-handled squeegee is best for tall windows and doors.

If you want to scrub your glass, a fine nylon scrub pad is a good choice. It removes mineral deposits and bug droppings.

Another tool that is handy for high windows is an extension pole. Though it is more heavy than the other tools, it is versatile and can reach all corners.

Bosun’s chair

In the field of window washing, a bosun’s chair is one of the most used pieces of equipment. It allows a single person to work at heights and provides a comfortable seat while doing so. There are several advantages of using this equipment, but it is also important to use it safely.

A bosun’s chair is used by construction and maintenance professionals, as well as window washers. Originally, it was used by sailors on ships. Today, it is a highly advanced piece of equipment.

The chair has many safety features, including a built-in adjustable waist belt, fall arrest devices, and plastic protectors to protect webbing. These components make the chair a safer way to work at heights.

Another benefit of a bosun’s chair is that it is easy to set up. Unlike stage scaffolding, it is less obtrusive and requires less setup time.

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