How to Create Your Own Homemade Window Washing Solution

best homemade window washing solution

Creating your own homemade window washing solution is an inexpensive and easy way to clean your windows. All you need is a few simple ingredients. You can use dish soap, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, or cornstarch.

Dish soap

Using dish soap as a homemade window cleaning solution is one of the best ways to keep your windows clean. It works by removing grease, wax and other grime from the surface of the glass. It can also remove dead bugs and bird droppings.

If you want to clean windows using dish soap, you can make a solution of one part dish soap and one part water. Then you can add some lemon juice and essential oils for fragrance. You can also add some rubbing alcohol for extra disinfection.

The rubbing alcohol is important because it helps the homemade window cleaner evaporate quickly. This will help prevent streaks from forming. However, you don’t want to use too much of it. You don’t want to use too much dish soap as well.


Using vinegar as a homemade window washing solution is a great way to keep your windows sparkling without the harsh chemicals and odors of other cleaners. It is also environmentally friendly.

The first step to washing your windows is to remove any dust or debris. This prevents dirt from moving around. If your windows are especially dirty, you may need to wipe them down with a damp cloth before using the vinegar cleaning solution.

Another method of cleaning your windows is to use a squeegee. This can help you cover a large surface area quickly. The squeegee is also the best method for getting a streak free finish.

Another method of using vinegar to clean windows is to make a solution out of vinegar and water. This can be a good option if you have large windows. However, it is best to use distilled water to avoid leaving streaks on your glass.

Rubbing alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol as a homemade window washing solution is an easy way to make a streak-free finish on your windows. While rubbing alcohol is not as strong as commercial glass cleaners, it is a safe and efficient way to clean windows. It also has the added benefit of killing bacteria and viruses.

This cleaner is ideal for interior windows and outside windows, and works well on mirrors as well. It can be used as an alternative to traditional ammonia-based glass cleaners, which can discolor insulated film.

It’s also great for squeegeeing away stubborn grime. When used on windows, rubbing alcohol quickly evaporates, making it easy to clean windows streak-free.

The combination of rubbing alcohol and vinegar helps remove stubborn grime, grease, and oily residue. This homemade window washing solution is easy to use and works well on both inside and outside windows.

Lemon juice

Using lemon juice as a homemade window washing solution is a natural way to clean your windows. The acidity of lemon juice helps break up grease and grime. It also helps polish the glass surface. It also acts as an antiseptic and neutralizes odors.

There are a number of recipes for homemade window cleaning solutions, but the best one has three main ingredients: lemon juice, water, and vinegar. These ingredients can be combined in a variety of ways to make a glass cleaner that leaves your windows sparkling clean.

A squeegee and a clean sponge are essential when cleaning windows. You can use a sponge to wipe the windows, or you can make use of a scouring sponge that will remove dust and dirt from your windows.


Using cornstarch as a homemade window washing solution is an easy way to remove dirt and grease stains from your windows and glass. It also works to deodorize and clean your home.

Cornstarch is an absorbent, mild abrasive that loosens dirt and grease. When you mix it with water, you can create a thick paste that can be used on glass, windows, and other surfaces. You can also use cornstarch to remove greasy stains from your carpet or clothes.

A natural window and glass cleaner that uses cornstarch and vinegar can be very easy to make. It’s also very cost effective. All you need is a few ingredients and a few minutes to create a simple solution. It works well on all types of glass and windows and does not leave toxic residue.

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