How to Properly Clean a Metal Roof

metal roof wash

Getting your metal roof clean is an important part of keeping it looking good. When your roof gets too dirty, it is not just unsightly but can also cause damage to the roof itself. When cleaning your roof, you need to make sure that you use the right products and equipment to make sure that you are not damaging your roof.

Plain water

Using plain water for metal roof washing is a great way to remove loose debris without damaging the surface of your metal roof. However, it’s not as effective as pressure washing. Using the right product and following the right steps will ensure a successful cleaning job.

The first step in washing a metal roof is to make sure the surface is clean and dry. This can be done with a hose or garden hose attachment.

Using a hose can also help remove debris and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. However, you don’t want to use the wrong tool for the job. Make sure to follow the directions for cleaning a metal roof carefully and don’t forget to use the proper safety gear.

Gloeocapsa magma

Whenever you notice black streaks on your roof, it’s likely you’re dealing with gloeocapsa magma. This is an algae-like bacteria, and it is known to cause moss and mildew on roofs. It is also known to weaken asphalt shingles.

Gloeocapsa Magma can appear as black streaks, especially on roofs with asphalt shingles. It can also occur on roofs with composite shingles. It feeds off calcium carbonate in limestone, which is commonly used in asphalt shingles. It also feeds off moisture on the roof. Eventually, the algae will begin to grow on the shingles and form a dark pigmented coating.

When gloeocapsa magma grows on your roof, it can cause permanent damage to your roof. It also decreases your roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays. If left unchecked, gloeocapsa magma will eat away at the limestone filler in the shingles.

Overuse or abuse can accelerate corrosion

Whether you’re replacing your current metal roof or planning on building a new one, you should consider the best way to clean your new metal roofing material. Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade that can keep your roof a shiny smooth. One of these tips is to use a damp sponge to apply the solution. Ideally, you want to use a mild detergent and leave the solution on the surface for five to ten minutes. After that, you should rinse the surface with plain water.

In addition to the cleaning solution, you should also take steps to maintain the longevity of your metal roofing material. For example, you should install reinforcing insulative strips between the panels. This can reduce the chance of water seepage and erosion corrosion.

Precautions to take

Regardless of whether you are cleaning your metal roof after a storm or just because it’s time to do it, there are precautions you need to take. Not only will they keep you safe, but they will also protect the roof from damage.

The first precaution is to remove any loose debris. Some dirt can be removed with water, while other dirt may require a bit of elbow grease.

For areas that appear particularly dirty, you may need to use a chemical cleaner. You can test a cleaning solution by applying a small amount to a non-exposed area. Observe the reaction and decide whether or not to use the cleaning solution on your metal roof.

Whenever possible, use a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner. For a more effective cleaning, apply the solution with a soft bristle brush and then rinse off the roof. This will remove any dirt, debris, and dust.


Having a clean roof can improve the longevity of your investment. There are several methods of getting your roof sparkling clean. Depending on the material used in your roof’s construction, you may have to use a variety of methods including chemicals, soft wash or even a high powered pressure washer. Some of these methods can cost a mint, while others may save you a bundle. It’s important to remember that each method has its pros and cons. Choosing the right method for your roof can be a daunting task, but with the right information, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your home.

The cost of a metal roof wash can range from less than a gallon of distilled water to upwards of $1,000. The cost will depend on the type of roof you have, as well as the size and condition of the roof.

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