How to Use a Driveway Cleaner

driveway cleaning

A driveway cleaner can be a great solution for staining your driveway. It doesn’t require any special tools and can easily be purchased at any home improvement store. Its main advantage is that it works on most types of stains. However, it is important to follow some basic tips to clean a driveway.

Simple Green Oxy Solve

Simple Green Oxy Solve is a great driveway cleaning product that works by lifting dirt, oil, and grease. It also helps remove tire marks and exhaust buildup. This nontoxic product uses a peroxide formula to effectively clean surfaces without bleach. To be safe, it is recommended to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface. It is also best not to mix it with any other chemicals.

Apply the solution at low pressure to the driveway surface and let it remain for about three minutes before rinsing it with a high-pressure garden hose. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any residue. It is important to keep a two-foot-wide hose nozzle at all times.

This concrete cleaner is nondegradable and noncorrosive, making it a great choice for cleaning concrete. It can be used manually or with pressure washing systems to get rid of tough stains and discolorations. It is also safe for plants and doesn’t damage the surface. One gallon of the product can clean up to 21 gallons of concrete.

The Simple Green Oxy Solve is a very powerful concrete cleaner with a high average consumer rating. It is slightly more expensive than Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Concentrate Cleaner but is well worth its price. This cleaner is good for driveways, but it should not be used on a concrete driveway if you’re allergic to it.


One of the most effective ways to clean driveway oil stains is to use Coke. The carbonation and citric acid in Coke break down grease and oil. It also works to remove rust stains. It’s cheap, too. A single can costs about $1. Even better, you can buy a twelve-pack of Coke for a lower cost.

Coke is also effective at removing oil stains from concrete. The carbonation in Coke breaks down the oil, making it much easier to remove. Oil stains can be very unsightly. In some cases, you might have to use several cans of Coke to clean your driveway. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to use your driveway as usual.

If the stain is too deep to reach, you can try using WD-40. This slick chemical works well on concrete, but you should wear rubber gloves and face mask when working with it. Pour the solution on the stain and let it sink into the concrete. Afterwards, wipe it clean with a rag. If you don’t have a face mask, use Coke as an alternative.

It’s also an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-based driveway cleaners. Its multiple acid levels can help remove oil stains from concrete, as well as other types of stains. Once you’ve finished with the cleaning, you can mop the driveway to remove excess grease.

Simple Green

The Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner is an exceptional product that is perfect for removing dirt and stains from decks, driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. This product is powerful enough to remove dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and other stains, but it is also safe and nontoxic for the environment.

Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Cleaner is effective in removing oil stains, grease, and tire marks from concrete surfaces. It is safe to use and contains peroxide that removes the toughest stains without bleach. It also has low odor and is non-toxic for people and the environment.

The Simple Green Oxy Solve should be mixed with water and applied to the driveway using a low-pressure spray nozzle. Allow the solution to dwell on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing it off with high-pressure water. Make sure to keep the nozzle two feet away from the surface to avoid dripping.

Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Pressure Washer Cleaner can be applied to concrete using a pressure washer, and it’s effective in removing oil, grease, grime, and stains. It is also non-degradable, making it a safe option for pressure-washing concrete.

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