A Trusted Deck Washing Professional Serving Lakeland

There’s little more relaxing in the warm months of the year than a pleasant evening outdoors on a beautiful deck- but if you’ve let your deck cleaning fall by the wayside over the year, your deck may be looking less than inviting. If you’re trying to get your backyard ready for the hot Lakeland summers, a deck washing from Cleaner Outlook LLC can freshen your space up in a major way!

Porch & Patio Cleaning

Decks are highly susceptible to being overtaken by ugly and slimy algae growth if not washed frequently- especially on natural wood, though composite surfaces are vulnerable, too. Not only that, but other debris like leaves and moss can gather across its surface. Deck washing is important to keep your deck from looking aged and messy.

There are a couple of ways you can clean slime and grime from your deck. The first is doing it the old-fashioned way by scrubbing the surface down manually. Understandably, that’s not an ideal scenario. If you’re considering the other route, pressure washing, there are other factors to consider, too. Too much pressure can strip stain or even warp and dent wood! While composite surfaces are more resilient, caution should be taken when pressure washing them, too.

The easiest option, of course, is just to put the best Lakeland pressure washing squad on the job. Deck washing is a much-requested service from us here at Cleaner Outlook LLC. By following our usual routine- inspecting the area twice, getting down to work, and rinsing and repeating- we can provide a thorough and fantastic clean for your porch or patio that few others can.

In our inspections, we’ll prepare for the surface, estimate the amount of cleaning solution needed, saturate any surrounding vegetation with water to protect them from excess chemicals, and check for hazards such as rotting wood and loose railings. Once everything looks good, it’s off to work we go! Depending on what can kind of surface your deck is made from, we’ll either pressure wash or soft wash the surface thoroughly up and down, rinsing and repeating to ensure a job well done.

The results? An immaculately clean deck! Whether you’re trying to clean your deck to prepare for a new coat of stain, put your home on the market, or just make it inviting for your guests, deck washing is a simple but effective service to make your backyard even more beautiful! If you’re looking for other ways to boost your curb appeal, why not schedule a house washing while we’re at it? Nothing compliments a clean deck better than a clean home.

Get your deck ready for the hot Lakeland summer with a deck washing from Cleaner Outlook LLC!