Roof Cleaning To Gently Wash Your Lakeland Property's Roof

Whether you’re looking to remove debris such as fallen leaves or cleanse your shingles of ugly black algae, if you need expert roof cleaning for your home, look no further than the Lakeland pressure washing pros at Cleaner Outlook LLC! We make roof cleaning simple by using a gentle yet effective soft wash to remove debris, wash away algae, and leave your roof looking perfect.

Soft Washing For A Safer Clean

Just like your driveway and your windows, your roof needs a little TLC now and then to keep it in its best condition. Roofs are prime real estate for debris like leaves and bird droppings to gather, and the more debris that gathers, the older and uglier your roof starts to look. While debris on your roof is bad enough though, the real problematic roof mess to contend with is algae.

Black algae is a type of cyanobacteria that flies through the air on spores to take root on most home exteriors, especially roofs as the open access to sunlight helps it grow. As the algae growth expands and dries out, it forms distinctive black streaky stains on your roof. The algae growth isn’t dangerous to you or your family, but it’s bad for your roof! Algae feed off the calcium carbonate in your shingles, reducing their ability to reflect UV rays and causing them to weaken and dry out.

Safely tackling roof cleaning can be problematic, though. Many believe that if they take a pressure washer to their roof they can clean it fast. First of all, climbing up to your roof with a pressure washer is incredibly dangerous, so naturally, we advise against it for that reason alone. Beyond that, pressure washing can also be very dangerous for your roof- easily ripping off shingles within seconds and forcing the water deep into the roof itself, causing significant moisture damage!

Naturally, there’s a safer way to do roof cleaning, and that’s with us. As with any of our jobs, we inspect your property twice so we can look out for any risks and plan the best method of attack to get your roof clean. Once we’re fully prepared, we’ll climb up to the roof- but don’t worry! We use proper safety equipment, and we’re fully insured. Safety is always one of our top priorities on the job, which is why our cleaning methods are designed to be gentle on your roof, too.

Our gentle roof cleaning tactic? Soft washing! While standard pressure washing can be harmful to your roof, soft washing has enough force behind it to rinse off debris and mess without being strong enough to loosen shingles or force pressurized water into the wood. Combined with an antimicrobial cleaning solution that’s still biodegradable and safe to use on your home, the soft washing kills and rinses away algae while pushing other debris away with it.

While we can get your roof looking streak-free and fantastic quickly and safely, don’t forget that we’re there for you on the ground too! Algae isn’t just a nuisance on your roof, it can invade your concrete, too. For stained, dirty concrete, we offer driveway washing and sidewalk cleaning to remove algae and other contamination and restore your concrete to its original color! When it comes to maximizing your home’s curb appeal, we’re the experts.

Don’t let algae rule your roof- schedule a roof cleaning with Cleaner Outlook LLC, the best pressure washing team in Lakeland!