Solar Panel Cleaning Professionals Improving Energy Yield In Lakeland

If you’re one of the many homeowners in Lakeland that has a solar panel array on their property, we understand how important energy efficiency is for you. If grime and debris are undercutting your solar panels’ ability to generate electricity, a solar panel cleaning from Cleaner Outlook LLC is just the thing to get them operating at top efficiency again.

Washing Solar Panels

Home solar panel arrays are gaining popularity across the nation, and Florida, with its many sunny days, is a hotspot for solar energy. If you’re one of those homeowners that have chosen to go solar, great! Solar energy is good for the environment and good for your wallet- by generating your own electricity, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your energy bills!

Like your roof itself, though, your mounted solar panels are constantly exposed to the elements- and not just sunlight. Over the year, debris like bird droppings, dirt, and pollen gather on top of your panels. While rain may rinse some of the lighter debris off, such as dirt, stickier substances like animal droppings and pollen won’t rinse off so easily and will continue to stick to your panels.

Over time, enough mess on your solar panels will affect their ability to absorb sunlight, inhibiting their ability to generate electricity. If you’ve noticed your solar panel’s output declining in efficiency, one question you should ask yourself is “When was the last time I had a solar panel cleaning done?” If it’s been a while, we can help you out.

Just like roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning takes caution and preparation. As the Lakeland pressure washing superheroes we are, we take great care to make sure our cleaning is incredibly safe, thorough, and effective. We do this by inspecting the area- twice!- before we start. This helps us figure out, among other things, what the size of your array is, how much cleaner we’ll need for a job, and if there are any other hazards or problems that need to be addressed first. Once we know everything looks good, we’ll safely ascend to your roof and commence with the solar panel cleaning. By using soft washing instead of standard pressure washing, we avoid the risk of damaging the delicate surfaces by being too forceful. Soft washing has enough push behind it to clear away grime and mess- especially when combined with our biodegradable cleaning chemicals- but is delicate and gentle on your panels.

The occasional solar panel cleaning goes a long way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your solar panel array! We want to help you maximize your energy savings and make solar energy work for you! Cleaning the panels also helps prevent bigger issues down the line by letting us clean excess debris and giving us a chance to look for other potential hazards.

While we’re at it, since we’ve been talking about our incredible soft washing, know that we use soft washing to clean more than just solar panels. Soft washing is optimal for quickly and safely cleaning any kind of glass exterior. Have you been bummed out by streaky, splotchy windows? Our window cleaning cuts through grime fast, simply by using soft washing. We also dry our windows with a squeegee to avoid annoying streaks. Consider booking a window cleaning along with your next solar panel cleaning!

Make the most out of your Lakeland home’s solar array- order a solar panel cleaning from Cleaner Outlook LLC!