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If you want your roof to look its best and function well, you’ll want to clean it out. This can extend its life, remove lichen, mildew, moss, and mold, and even oxidation on metal roofs.

Low-pressure washing is cheaper than high-pressure washing

Roof cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home. Dirt can build up over time, which can lead to water damage. Pressure washing can help clean your roof and protect against mold and mildew growth. When you’re ready to clean your roof, it’s a good idea to consider both high-pressure and low-pressure options.

High-pressure washing requires a higher level of skill and risk. This type of cleaning can also damage some roofs and siding. For example, fiber cement siding is not recommended for pressure washing.

Low-pressure roof cleaning uses moderate levels of PSI to remove built-up grime. Chemical solutions are often used along with this type of cleaning. The chemicals work to dissolve dirt and remove moss and algae.

However, soft washing is a less expensive alternative. Soft washing is a combination of soft water, a gentle power washer, and cleaning solutions. It’s also effective for removing stains from various roofing materials.

Soft washing is less likely to cause permanent damage to your roof. It’s safer than high-pressure washing because it doesn’t require high pressure.

Bluewhale Powerwash treats and removes those ugly stains

The Bluewhale in Charlotte is a jack of all trades when it comes to roof cleaning services. Their slick staff and innovative approach to the task will have you squealing with delight in no time. They have a track record for being the best at what they do. Most of all, they are the most affordable. You can entrust your shingles to the pros without breaking the bank. And you’ll be happy you did. Not only will you be saving money in the long run, you’ll also be getting a job done right in the process. Plus, you’ll be gaining a well-trained crew that’s willing to perform for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring out the troops.

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