Roof Cleaning Services Near Me


Keeping your roof in good condition is important, so if it’s starting to show signs of age, you may want to call roof cleaning services near you. A roof cleaning service can help clean your roof without using high pressure or harsh chemicals, and can help extend the life of your roof.

Soft wash

Getting your roof cleaned is important to keep it free from algae, mold, and other contaminants that can damage the underlying surface. A dirty roof can lead to water damage and pest infestation, and also pose health risks to your family. If you are considering a roof cleaning, it’s important to find a company that uses safe, effective methods.

Soft wash roof cleaning services are recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA). Soft washing is an environmentally friendly process that will extend the life of your roof. The method is also less likely to damage the roof or masonry, and is the least harmful way to clean your roof.

Soft wash roof cleaning services use a specially blended blend of biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These products lift stains from your roof’s surface and kill algae, fungus, and bacteria. It’s also a great way to remove moss and grime. The ARMA recommends soft wash roof cleaning every three to five years.


Having a roof cleaned can increase your property value and improve curb appeal. A professional roof pressure wash will help to remove abrasive debris, mud and baked on grime. It will also help to prevent damage to your roof shingles.

There are two common types of roof cleaning: soft washing and pressure washing. Soft washing is an environmentally friendly technique that is less intense than pressure washing. It is safer for your roof and it also removes moss, algae, and other debris.

When cleaning asphalt shingles, a low pressure roof wash is usually the best approach. This method uses a soft cleaning solution to gently remove the buildup without damaging the tiles.

Another way to clean your roof is with a chemical wash, which uses a diluted bleach solution to remove stains. This method is not as effective as low pressure cleaning, but it will remove the majority of accumulations without causing damage.

When cleaning concrete, tar and gravel, or metal roofs, a chemical wash can be used to remove stains and mildew. It’s important to find a chemical wash that is safe for your roofing material.

Signs that your roof needs cleaning

Having a clean roof is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but it can also increase the longevity of your roof. Moss and algae can damage your roof by causing decay, water damage, and even structural issues. These problems can make you spend more money on repairs, and can also affect the value of your home. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that your roof needs cleaning.

Moss is a common problem, and can cause the shingles to lift or break, causing water damage. Moss can also cause the wood on your roof to rot, which can lead to additional problems. In addition, moss can grow so deep into your shingles that it can be hard to remove it.

Lichen is another sign that your roof needs cleaning. This is the same type of algae that causes black streaks on your roof. Lichen can build up to a significant amount and can leave green and white microorganisms on your roof.


Getting a roof cleaned can be expensive. The cost of roof cleaning services near me can vary depending on the type of roof and the number of stories your house has.

The average cost for cleaning a residential roof ranges from $295 to $592. The cost can increase if your roof is made of a material such as wood, shingles, or tiles. Roofers can charge more for homes with complicated designs or steep slopes.

Roof cleaning costs will also vary depending on the type of cleaning method used. Some roofers use soft washing techniques to remove stains and moss from the roof. Soft washing involves using low pressure hoses. Using this method prevents water from causing damage to the roof. Professionals charge $0.30 to $0.60 per square foot for soft washing.

High-pressure washing methods use high-pressure water to remove debris and moss. This method is not recommended in areas with a drought, as it can destroy the material of your roof.

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