If you love watching movies in an old-fashioned drive-in theater, you should definitely check out Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. This historic theater opened in 1948 and is one of the last drive-ins in Polk County. The theater shows first-run movies and is still a popular destination for families. A great post ahead.

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre is a drive-in theater

The Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre is one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in Polk County, Florida. It opened in 1948 and is one of the last of its kind in Florida. Located on Lakeland’s West Side, this historic drive-in is still a great place to catch a classic movie.

The Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre in Lakeland is open all year round and offers double features for less than $7. Admission is free for children four and under. There is also a concession stand at the theater for food and drinks.

It shows first-run movies

If you’re looking for a classic movie experience, the Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre Lakeland FL has what you’re looking for. This drive-in theatre has been operating since 1948, and is one of the last remaining drive-ins in Polk County, Florida. The Silvermoon features first-run films on a large screen.

This drive-in theatre is open seven days a week and shows first-run movies and double features. It also has a concession stand where you can buy hot cocoa and popcorn. The theater is located just an hour west of Orlando, so it’s a convenient drive-in for those looking for a great time. The Silver Moon is one of the closest drive-ins to family-friendly amusement parks in Central Florida. Ocala Drive-In Theatre, on the other hand, has twice gone off the screens. A great place to also visit is Hollis Garden.

It was damaged by a tornado

The Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre Lakeland FL is the last drive-in theatre in Polk County, Florida. It has been around since 1948. Sadly, the drive-in was destroyed by a tornado in March 2012. The drive-in’s owners are trying to restore the theatre. But the time is not right. They want to keep it as a tourist attraction.

The Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre was closed for repairs after a tornado damaged the screen in 1950. In 1952, the theater was bought by Carl Floyd, who made repairs. He also built a marquee and concession stand. Later, he added a second screen. Today, the theater has not changed much, but it does have windows that open. The theater’s staff said that on some nights, the outdoor venue is packed.

It is a hidden gem in Lakeland

If you’re visiting Lakeland, Florida, don’t miss out on the Silvermoon Drive-In Theatre. It’s a drive-in theatre that dates back to 1948 and is the last of its kind in Polk County, Florida. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family and watch a movie under the stars.

This drive-in theater offers cheap double features and other classic films. Prices are around $7 for adults and $3 for children between four and nine. The concession stand sells water and other standard theater fare, which is also very reasonable. Next blog post.



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