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Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you might be wondering how to make your windows sparkle. The good news is, there are ways to keep your home looking its best without spending a fortune. The Spider-Man window washer is the perfect solution for keeping your windows sparkling clean. Luckily, the process is simple and easy to do!

Jarratt Turner sentenced to more than a century in prison for child pornography

Upon reading about Jarratt Turner’s recent sentence, one might think he’s destined to spend more time in jail than he did catching the Cubs in the World Series. But the former Stanford swimmer’s sentence is actually much shorter than expected, and it comes with a few perks. Besides the requisite prison term, the court ordered Turner to pay his victims restitution, attend a yearlong sex offenders program, and not own a gun. He also has to sign a waiver of his rights when taking a polygraph test.

The sentencing was a bit of a roller coaster. Some judges eschewed the usual practice of putting multiple sentences on consecutive timecards. Others took the most basic of approaches, putting Turner in the county jail for six months.

The jury was also impressed that Turner got to see his name on the sex offender registry for life. While the sex offender registry may be an improvement on the current system, it is also a little less than sexy.

Superheroes visit children’s hospitals to cheer up sick kids

During the last few years, superheroes have been cleaning windows for children in hospitals across the United States. These heroes are not only cleaning windows, but they are also interacting with patients and families. The goal is to help sick kids feel better and cheer them up.

The idea for this idea came from Boston Children’s Hospital’s Patient Support Services division. The idea was to bring a little extra joy to kids in the hospital by giving them a little superhero boost.

The first Superhero Window Washing event was held at the Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville in 2018. In that first visit, the caped crusaders were not only there to clean the windows, but they were also present to bring a little joy to the patients.

Then, two months later, Captain America and Spider-Man returned to the hospital. The superheroes were present to deliver gifts to patients who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Superheroes fight grime at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Several companies have jumped on the superhero window washing bandwagon. One company has even put superhero costumes on display at their office. This includes American National Skyline and their Spider-Man window washer.

The window cleaning industry is no stranger to superheroes. Last spring, Batman was spotted at several Maryland hospitals in a Lamborghini. While there is no evidence that a superhero window washing campaign will take place in your area, it’s safe to say that comic book characters are doing their best to battle grime in hospital rooms.

One of the more recent superhero window cleaning efforts in the US has Spider-Man at the helm. A commercial window cleaning company, American National Skyline, assembled a team of comic-book aficionados for the occasion. The company’s marketing manager, Rosetta Ford, suggested a superhero costume as a ploy to get kids excited about the task of window washing. The resulting campaign prompted volunteers to dress up as the web-slinger, Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes.

Superheroes battle elves at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Earlier this year, the window cleaning company American National Skyline dressed up its employees as superheroes. One of these employees was Spider-Man. This employee was in Memphis, TN, cleaning windows at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. His employer gave him the green light to dress up, and he brought a smile to the faces of patients.

Another window washer at the same company was Captain America, chasing after Spider-Man. In addition to the superheroes, the window cleaners also cleaned the windows of the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The superheroes even created a soap design. Some of the kids ran to the window and asked if they were superheroes. These employees were real heroes to the patients.

A third window washer, Jordan Emerson, wore a safety harness and donned a cape. He also rappelled down the outside of the building. The superheroes then swung around the building. The children in the hospital were amazed at the visit. They were surprised that someone was cleaning their windows, and they even had a chance to ask if they were superheroes.

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