Tips For Cleaning Roof Shingles

cleaning roof shingles

Cleaning roof shingles can be a difficult task. You’ll need to find a product that’s gentle on your roof but will still get the job done. Avoid harsh chemicals and pressure washers. Try a soft brush or broom to remove stains.

Avoid harsh chemicals

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you want to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning it. Using bleach or other toxic compounds can damage your roof and nearby plants. They also pose health risks.

Although some types of shingles last for decades, a dirty roof can harbor mold, mildew and other harmful microorganisms. Your home’s roof should be cleaned regularly.

The first step is to choose a non-corrosive shingle cleaner. You should also consider using a vinegar and water mix. Vinegar is a safe substance to use on your shingles and does not damage nearby paint or landscaping.

After cleaning your roof, you should always rinse it off. This will prevent further damage and keep it looking its best. Rinsing will also prevent the chemicals from ruining your shingles.

It is important to know the proper dilution rates for any chemical solution you use. If you don’t, your shingles may not be able to withstand the force of the washing agent.

Avoid pressure washers

If you’re planning to clean your roof, you may be tempted to use a pressure washer. But this can be a dangerous practice. It could lead to water damage, shingles flying off the roof, and even mold. Instead of pressure washing, use a garden hose.

Although most dirt can be easily removed with a garden hose, cleaning your roof with a high-pressure nozzle can be very damaging. Pressure washing can loosen shingles and remove the protective coating on asphalt shingles. These granules are designed to withstand heavy rains, but if they’re stripped, they become vulnerable to the elements.

You’ll also need to consider the amount of power your pressure washer can deliver. The pressure used should be determined by the surface you’re working on. For example, a low-pressure setting works well for a new brick or concrete roof.

Also, you’ll want to use the right type of nozzle for your task. A 0-degree nozzle is an inappropriate choice for most roofing projects. It can pierce the protective boot of the user, and it poses a safety risk.

Avoid scrubbing with a stiff brush or broom

If you have a shingled roof you might want to consider getting it cleaned. There are many good cleaners to choose from and it pays to be smart about it. You will also want to avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your roof in the long run.

The best way to go about this task is to use a professional, as you don’t want to be left with a roof that’s not up to par. You’ll also need a garden hose and ladder to get the job done right. And you will want to take note of the proper way to clean your gutters and downspouts, as these will be responsible for keeping your roof in tip top shape.

If you want to do it yourself you’ll also need a sturdy ladder, a garden sprayer and some quality non-slip shoes. Before you jump in head first you should check the weather and make sure you don’t have any heavy storms on the way.

Get rid of stains

When you see black streaks or stains on your roof, it can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to get rid of the stains.

The first step is to clean your roof thoroughly. Moss and algae are two of the most common causes of stains. You can also clean away rust from metal components.

Oxygen bleach is an effective way to eliminate stains on your roof. It is safer than chlorine bleach, which can be harmful to plants. This chemical is also less expensive.

Another option is to use a pressure washer. However, this can cause damage to your shingles. To prevent this, you may want to install a metal strip underneath the ridge of your roof. If you live in a humid climate, you should consider using special algae resistant shingles. They contain copper or zinc granules that can kill the algae spores that are on your roof.

Other solutions include trisodium phosphate (TSP) and household bleach. These are diluted and applied to your roof. Leave the solution on your roof for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with a garden hose.

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