Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home Before Selling It

If you’re planning on selling your home anytime soon, chances are you’re looking for ways you can improve your home’s exterior and maximize its curb appeal before putting it on the market. While there are many things you can do to beautify your home’s exterior, pressure washing can lift your home’s looks significantly. Stain removal isn’t the only benefit of pressure washing, though. Here are some ways pressure washing your home can give it an edge up on the real estate competition!

It Makes Your Home Look Younger

Even if your house isn’t obviously messy, the coat of dirt, pollen, and other debris sitting on its surface can dull your home’s appearance, making it look aged. House washing washes away that layer of grime, instantly brightening your home’s color! That little extra pop of brightness will make your home look newer and well-maintained.

It Makes It Photo Friendly

Any flaws on your home’s surface are going to become significantly more apparent in a photograph. Pictures of your home are going to be scrutinized by potential buyers well before they visit the property in person. Washing away any mess or flaws on your home’s surface gets it photo-ready! Don’t forget to get the concrete washed too, as buyers will definitely notice a dirty driveway.

It Helps Maximize The Natural Light Inside Your Home

Window cleaning shouldn’t be neglected when you’re washing your home’s surfaces pre-listing. One big thing that buyers notice while touring a home is the level of natural light indoors. Dirty windows don’t refract sunlight as well as clean ones do, causing the interior of the home to appear dark and dull. By cleaning your windows, you ensure that your home’s interior receives the maximum amount of sunlight, making it bright and appealing indoors!

It Cuts Down On Inspection Time

Home inspection is one of the most stressful parts of selling your home. It can be nerve-wracking to have your property under that much scrutiny. However, by removing dirt and debris from your home’s exterior, not only will the inspector not have to work as hard to assess your property’s condition, but they will likely think positively of your attention to your home’s maintenance. It makes the process go by quicker and gives you a positive edge.

It Makes Your Home Sell Faster

A good, clean-looking home is more likely to grab attention faster than a dull unwashed one. The fact that it’s visibly well-maintained from the outside also comforts prospective buyers who may worry about spending extra on a “fixer-upper”. Showing buyers a clean well-maintained home lets them know that they’re making a safe bet by investing in your property. Just like that, your home is an attractive prospect!

There are always extra little ways you can spruce up your home’s facade and elevate its curb appeal, and not all of them have to do with pressure washing. But by giving your home’s surface a good washing down pre-listing, you ensure that you’re presenting your home’s freshest face to potential buyers!

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