Window Washing Tools and Scrubbers

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There are a lot of different tools you can use for window washing. From squeegees to scrubbers, it’s a good idea to learn about the different products that are available and what they can do for you. After all, you don’t want to waste your time or money buying something that’s not going to work.


Window washing tools and scrubbers are essential for cleaning your windows. When cleaning windows, it is important to clean your frames and sills first before washing your window panes. Then, use paper towels or cleaning cloths to wipe down your windows and sills. These supplies can be bought at your local home depot or online. It is also a good idea to purchase a squeegee for your window washing needs. A squeegee is made with a rubber blade and is used to remove dirt, grit, or pollutants from your windows as it drags. Once you are finished, rinse your squeegee and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Ettore 17050 vs 65000

It’s no secret that the Ettore 17050 is one of the best window washing tools on the market today. In fact, it’s so good that you will find yourself wishing you had more time to do your window washing chores. That’s where the Ettore 65000 comes into play. The 65000 stands out from the pack with its sleek and modern stylings, and the plethora of cleaning aps. For a home improvement buff, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cleaner that does a better job at a lower price point. Fortunately, you can get your mitts on it at your local Home Depot.

DocaPole Window Cleaning Kit

If you’re looking for a window cleaning kit, it’s important to find a product that is long enough to reach all the windows in your home. The DocaPole is a versatile telescoping extension pole that offers a squeegee/scrubber combo that is safe for indoor use. You can also use it as a roof cleaner, a paint brush extender, and even a HAM radio antenna.

With an extended length of 24-feet, the DocaPole can be used in almost any room of your home. It can clean windows and mirrors, and it has a wide reach, too. This makes it easy to get around even large rooms without a ladder.

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